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The European languages
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The Romanian language
in computers era
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SMS story United Kingdom flag

    The time stands still: a SMS text message treats with contempt most of the world languages, just as it did from the very beginning.

Patches United Kingdom flag

    Solving a few software issues on ASUS R700 GPS device, either with original ASUS GO version, or when installing iGO8 version on it

The strange nature of hobby: ZX Zone United Kingdom flag

    It’s something not human. It’s an 8 bit computer, called
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
    There are many sites around treating this subject, however, I tried to focus on something less usual: the +3.

Who am I ? United Kingdom flag

    My name is Cristian Secară. Secărică is just a nickname. Read here a few words about me, just in case you’re curious ...

    Legend for the above flags:
    Romanian flag = pages written in Romanian
    United Kingdom flag = pages written in English

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