Versions history of the wxATEM software available on this web site:


  • minor change – when adding a new IP address to the IP address table, the new address will be inserted below the currently selected one (if any selected) instead of above of it; notice that, like previously, if no existing IP address in the table is currently selected, a new address will always be inserted at the bottom of the list


  • bug fix – audio switches of the partially implemented audio mixer (standard version) were not disabled when connecting to Constellation switcher model (which features the Fairlight audio mixer version)


  • bug fix – disconnect from switcher procedure was not fully processed in some error circumstances


  • bug fix – Unicode characters were not properly handled in file operations on the ATEM data source file


  • changed the way it connects to switcher – from single connect attempt, to two steps connect attempts


  • effective usage on field
  • unlisted bug fixes, changes and adjustments based on user feedback and/or my own findings


  • internal development & testing only
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