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Note: this section includes tape versions of software that I have in a better shape than those found (or not found at all) on World of Spectrum or TZX Vault archives.

MicroMONS v3

MicroMONS screenshotStrange, but it seems that no one has this utility around the internet !

This is a (very) small disassembler, presumably released by HiSoft. However, there is not any mention about the software producer inside the code.

The code must load at #4000 (16384) and run from there. As the code loads into the screen, care must be taken not to corrupt the pixels before entering the “RANDOMIZE USR 16384” statement.

The program affects only the memory content at addresses represented by the screen, not any other location is affected.

All commands are quite identical to MONS3 debugger/disassembler, however, MicroMONS has a few additional features. As far as I know, these are:

  • [CAPS] + “6” - advance to next mnemonic
  • “K” - interprets the BASIC tokens
  • “J” and/or “S” - load and/or save memory dump from/to tape
  • the F register (flags) are more intuitive than those used by MONS

The original version is 48K compatible only. Do not use it on 128K machines ! If doing so, the 128K Basic becomes corrupt right after MicroMONS’s exit (return to BASIC). On 128K machines use the modified (128K) version instead. The code is the same except for the exit routine, which uses the same method of exit as MONS4 uses:

Address MicroMONS v3 original version (48K) MicroMONS v3 modified (128K)
#4FA2 LD IY,#5C3A
LD (IY+#31),#02
LD (IY+#00),#FF
LD HL,#2758
LD (IY+#0E),B
IM 1
LD SP,(#5CB2)
JP #1303
IM 1
RST #08

The original version is based on a tape copy I have from the obscure past. TAP files.

Cybernoid 1 demo version

This is the demo. I have no idea what magazine published this demo or where exactly it came into the world. There are only 2 levels, practically the same first 2 levels of the full version game. There are, however, a few minor differences; look at the Cybernoid 1 paragraph, on the cheats page, for details. It is based on a tape copy I have from the obscure past. TAP file.


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