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Versions history of the standalone standby script for ASUS R700 available on this web site:


  • bug fix - some of the multilingual dialog messages were returning an error instead of falling back to English, in case the standby dialog translation files are not available for the currently selected language
  • added a shortcut to ASUS main menu on Windows desktop for easy returning to ASUS main menu when using the easter egg feature


  • improvement – overall code revision and optimization
  • bug fix - bluetooth did not always restored properly after returning from standby
  • bug fix - grammar error on one of the Spanish translation string
  • an easter egg is now deliberately left enabled, translation included :)


  • added Hungarian translation – thanks to Laszlo Gere for this !


  • implements (also) a countdown dialog type, as well as the possibility to disable the standby request completely
  • the waiting loop that checks for the presence of AsusGo folder on SD card can be skipped by pressing the hardware standby button (not recommended to be used, but it’s there anyway)
  • translations are now separated from scripts, each language with own UTF‑8 file
  • in case the translation file is missing for a given language, the dialogs will fallback to English


  • initial release
  • implements (only) the standard dialog type
  • translations are hardcoded inside the scripts; because of this, those scripts are in Unicode (LE) file format
  • in case the translation strings are missing for a given language, an English error message will inform about that


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