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The following is 8 bit computing related. For many, it appears to be now useless. Feel free to consider it the way you want.

Note: for this section and any associated page I assume that the reader knows what a Sinclair ZX Spectrum is (all original models) and knows its basic functions. When speaking about “Computer”, I am referring to the ZX Spectrum in general, except if otherwise clearly stated.

Any information that can be found on these pages is related to my ZX Spectrum experience over the past 25 years (and counting). The first ZX Spectrum I saw was sometimes during 1987 (an original 48K+), then I build my first one in 1988 (a 48K clone). Starting with 1991 I focused on the +3 model (still a clone), at first equipped with one 5.25" floppy disk drive, subsequently added a 3.5" as the second drive, then passed both to 3.5".

In spite of the general hate for the +3 version, I personally find this machine a very good one. Well, with a little help from my part...

Are you speaking +3 ?

  • The +3 hardware section: find out how to fix some known issues, or improve your real +3.
  • The +3 software section: standard +3DOS disk loading or other particular features implemented on a few well known programs.
  • The +3ROMs: it can be assumed that the default +3 operating system is the +3Basic. Good or bad, it is stored in two non volatile read-only memory chips. Take a look to find out my opinion about the +3ROMs.

Tape Files: just a few tape versions that I believe they are nowhere else to find.

Do you like to cheat ? I love it ! On ZX Spectrum games, I mean :)

Note: the Tape Files and ZX Cheats sections are not +3 specific.


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