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Note: this +3 version is based on the standard Art Studio 48K © 1985 James Hutchby and not on the Advanced Art Studio © 1986 Dimitri Koveos.

Art Studio +3 version screenshot
Disk catalog example; valid files are black, invalid files are red.
Please note that there is no cursor support for entering the filename directly from this list, it must be entered in command line style, via load file dialog box.

The program has two main +3 add-ons:

  • the printer now makes use of the +3 system ports, either serial or parallel
  • +3DOS file handling has been added; tape routines are still present and are not affected by disk

By default, the program uses Centronics parallel printer port, Epson FX compatible control codes and [Q][A][O][P][Space] for cursor control. All this can be changed with the ARTSETUP.BAS utility program.

The file handling rules are:

  • “load/verify/merge next file” will take the first file from tape, like before
  • “save/load/verify/merge”, filename up to 10 characters long, first two characters different than A:, B: or M: (a letter and a colon): the operation involves the tape (letter case is not important)
  • “save/load/verify/merge”, filename starting with A:, B: or M: characters (a letter and a colon), followed by up to 8 characters: the operation involves the disk (letter case is not important)
  • “save/load/verify/merge”, filename consists of only one of the A:, B: or M: characters (a letter and a colon): the disk catalog of the respective drive will be displayed (letter case is not important)

The above rules apply to both screen and font file handling.

When loading from disk, a screen must have the extension .SCR; if not, you cannot load it ! When a screen is saved, the .SCR extension will be automatically added. Do not include this extension in the filename manually !
The same rule apply for a font file, except that in that case the extension becomes .FNT.

In case of any (disk) error, the +3DOS error messages are reported by a number. For detailed error number meaning, consult your +3 user manual.

Please check also the README.TXT file included in the archive.

Release history:

  • October 1995: first +3 version release
  • March 1997: bug fix – when loading a font file from disk, the current screen disappear

Known limitations:

  1. at present, any screen file must have a +3DOS header record, otherwise the screen cannot be loaded; I have to change this, a screen should load regardless of the presence or absence of the +3DOS header (the only thing I don’t know is how exactly to offer this choice when saving); the same apply to font files.
  2. the mouse routine has not been changed or modified; like the original 48K version, only AMX mouse support is provided; I have to add Kempston mouse support, for full compatibility with Spectrum emulators (but not limited to).


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